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Depending on how long the individual has gone undiscovered will determine how long the cleaning process will be. How the person died, the size of the room in which they died in, and the season in which the individual passed away. In the summer, unattended deaths will start to decompose right away and in the next couple of days will begin to release a very foul odor. Trying to use bleach and fabreeze will not work in this stage of decomposition. the bodily fluids need to be removed as soon as possible to keep cross contamination from happening. It’s not a simple process of just hauling everything out to the dumpster and grabbing a mop and broom. The blood and other medical waste has to be disposed of correctly. Medical waste disposal companies are needed in this situation.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Denver, Colorado

Most people will never have to worry about cleaning up after an unattended death. It’s even more rare that they would need a remediation company to clean and disinfect. As morbid as this job may be, it still has to be done no matter what! If you decide to clean up the scene yourself or with a friend, please contact a biohazard company to get the job done right. Denver Crime Scene Cleanup will ensure a job well done anytime day or night in Denver, Colorado.

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup has remediation services for;

  • Unattended deaths
  • Blood removal
  • Medical accident cleanup
  • Hoarding cleanup
  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • Crime scenes
  • Meth labs
  • Drug houses
  • Natural deaths

If your home or business has been the scene of an unattended death or a crime scene, you may not know where to start. Not only are these scenes very graphic, it’s not recommended to see the death scene of a loved one. With thorough training and compassion, Denver Crime Scene Cleanup works hard to conduct cleanup in a skillful way.

Decomposition Cleanup in Denver, Colorado
Denver Human Decomposition Cleanup Services.


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