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Why you should hire a MRSA cleanup company

What is MRSA?

MRSA stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is a highly contagious bacteria that can spread by contact or by contaminated objects and surfaces. According to the Centers for Disease and Control, MRSA can survive on surfaces, such as towels, razors, furniture, and athletic equipment for hours, days, or even weeks. The CDC also adds that MRSA can cause infections if it gets into a cut, scrape or an open wound.

How can we treat MRSA and what can we do to prevent its effectiveness?

Dealing with MRSA starts at the individual level. Make sure to wash your hands and scrub for 20 seconds with soap. You can also use hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol. Make sure to apply the sanitizer to the entire surface of your hands and fingers. Make sure to cover and cuts as well

But, when you are in a space that has multiple people and many surfaces being used, you’ll want to secure the services of a professional MRSA cleanup company that can handle bigger meeting, recreational and work spaces.

MRSA Cleanup in Denver, Colorado
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Why should you hire an MRSA cleanup company?

Firstly, these companies have multiple people who can cover large spaces in a much more effective manner. They will make sure to cover 100% of the area, including hard to reach and sometimes forgotten spaces. They will also make sure to use EPA-registered and hospital-grade products.

No matter the space you are using, you should be taking every precaution to create a safe and healthy environment. Hiring an MRSA cleaning company can and will go a long way to make sure patrons, employees, students and patients are taken care of as they make use of the facilities.

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup has trained and compassionate technicians available to properly handle the cleanup of MRSA. Our cleaning products are hospital grade  and guaranteed to kill MRSA. We know that getting your business or home cleaned and sanitized is extremely important so you those around you can stay safe and healthy. Located in Denver, we can have a team at your location right away! Call Denver Crime Scene Cleanup! We are here for you.