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Feces & Urine Cleanup in Denver, Colorado

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If your Denver home has animal or human waste, then you will need a professional cleaning service for the removal and disinfection. Make sure you hire a local biohazard company to clean up after feces and urine. Denver Crime Scene Cleanup is trained and equipped to handle feces cleanup and urine cleanup in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding cities.

Animal and human fecal matter can be extremely difficult to clean up. Improper disposal of feces, urine, blood, and other bodily fluids is especially hazardous to human health. It not only makes the area inhabitable, but also can cause diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. Proper decontamination of this waste needs to be cleaned up and sanitized ASAP to make the property habitable and safe for future use.

Feces Cleanup in Denver, Colorado
Denver Feces Cleanup

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup can help you get rid of all fecal waste from commercial or residential in Denver, Colorado. We have been in business since 2003 and offer services throughout Colorado. We have worked hard over the years on the quality of service we offer and the complete customer satisfaction that we deliver for all of our cleaning services!

People who handle human fecal matter or sewage may be at risk of becoming ill from waterborne diseases. You need a professional biohazard remediation company to clean up after C-DIFF which you can contract from human waste.

C. diff (also known as Clostridioides difficile or C. difficile) is a germ (bacterium) that causes diarrhea and colitis (an inflammation of the colon).

It’s estimated to cause over a million infections in the United States each year. C-DIFF runs rapid in hospitals and nursing homes..

About 1 in 6 patients who get C. diff will get it again in the following 2-8 weeks

One in 11 people over age 65 diagnosed with a healthcare-associated C. diff infection die within 30 days. C-DIFF IS VERY DANGEROUS!

Call us today if you’ve had an animal infestation or a squatter has left behind hazardous waste that needs to be cleaned up.


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