Denver Is The City For Foodies

Denver Is The City For Foodies Who Also Want A Unique Experience
Denver, Colorado, The Mile High City, is a foodie’s paradise. Fortunately, there are many year-round outdoor activities, like skiing and rock climbing to burn off calories. The city is an ideal destination for anyone in Denver looking for fun, family restaurants to fine dining options.

Families on vacation must check out Aquarium Restaurant at the Downtown Aquarium. Everyone sits around a 50,000-gallon floor-to-ceiling aquarium filled with colorful tropical fish. It provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy scrumptious food. There’s a kid’s menu, too.

Families interested in history will enjoy visiting The Source in Denver’s River North Arts District. The artisan market resides in a former 1880s ironworks foundry. There is a restaurant beside a bakery, cheese shop, and other vendors where visitors can get goodies to take back to their accommodation for snacks after a day on the slopes.

Foodies will find the Buckhorn Exchange Restaurant provides an authentic wild game experience. There are Western memorabilia and hunting trophies all over the establishment. Specialties include buffalo, elk, and steaks.

These are only three of the hundreds of dining options in Denver that will provide foodies with not only a delicious meal but an experience as well.

Denver is a wonderful city

Besides the food is absolutely wonderful, Denver is a very nice place to live. Denver is a very large city with plenty of local businesses to visit. Try and take a trip up in the mountains and go visit the tiny town of Vail. Vail is a quite little cozy ski town with plenty to do as well. The locals can be a little distant so beware. Gas and food are going to be more expensive too. Watch what you drive up in Vail as the roads are very narrow. Vail is a very beautiful tourist town.