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Meth Lab Cleanup in Denver, Colorado

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Before the remediation process can begin by Denver Crime Scene Cleanup, it is very important to know the dangers of exposure to meth labs. Meth labs are extremely toxic and should only be cleaned up by a professional meth lab cleanup company. Entering a meth lab before assessment by law enforcement or before testing and cleaning can cause symptoms ranging from nausea, coughing, dizziness, chemical burns, and possible death. Risk of exposure from meth lab chemicals occur thorough inhalation, absorption or through direct skin contact and ingestion.

Meth lab cleanup in Denver, Colorado
Denver Meth Lab Cleanup Services


Meth Lab Cleanup – Who we work with in Denver, Colorado

We work with the following;

    • property owners
    • property managers
    • insurers
    • Local law enforcement
    • DEA
    • insurance assessors
    • decontamination contractors
    • sampling & testers
    • environmental hygienists
    • hazardous waste disposal companies

By using a qualified meth lab testing company for meth, the advantages are they will identify the drug and residue on site, provide an indication of the level of contamination and provide information on how to remediate the site and where the meth was cooked. After decontamination of the meth lab, it is extremely important for testing to be carried out by a professional hygienist, to avoid any liability issues. We want to make sure all meth and meth residue is completely gone. A final inspection report from a qualified hygienist is required and then you can occupy your building.

Meth lab testing and remediation services in Denver, Colorado

The meth testing and decontamination industry has increased in Colorado. in response to awareness about the growing drug problem and the manufacturing of meth, it’s best to use a professional testing company and then hire a remediation company. Meth is extremely dangerous and should not be dealt with lightly. Using a N95 mask and gloves will not keep you safe from the toxins in the home or business. Please contact Denver Crime Scene Cleanup with any questions about our meth lab cleanup services. We are a local remediation company so feel free to call us anytime day or night at (720) 316-7522

How to recognize a meth lab