Hoarder Homes In Denver, Colorado

Hoarded Properties In Denver, Colorado

Hoarding involves the compulsive need to collect unwanted items, trash, and clutter regardless of their value. Hoarders will hoard clothing, photographs, food, household items, boxes, newspapers, and much more.

Sometimes the hoarding can get out of hand, consequences can range from mild to very extreme. Severe hoarding can lead to financial and health issues, as well as  physical and mental health problems.

How can you tell if someone is a hoarder?

When the house has been overfilled by the homeowner or tenant with excessive personal belongings. These belongings can stack to the ceiling and they can leave a trail going through the entire home. Hoarded properties can be extremely dangerous. They can be a fire hazard, the hoarder needs to be rescued because a medical condition, or animal feces and urine can cause health issues. Rats also carry Hantavirus which can cause death. You will not be able to tell a hoarded property from the outside. Once the door is opened then you can see the hoarding issue.

Getting help for a person with hoarding issues

If you have a friend or family member with hoarding disorder, it’s easy to feel sad and frustrated at the same time. You may be frustrated at your failure to get the hoarder to clean up their home, trying to get help from a mental health therapist, or stressed by all the fighting and trying to make sense of the situation. You may worry about the financial burden of their excessive shopping for junk, the health problems created by unsafe living conditions, or the risk of fires and injuries from all the clutter in their home.

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup Will Help You!

Denver Crime Scene Cleanup is a full biohazard remediation company that cleans and disinfects hoarded properties. Whether you have purchased a fixer upper, have a family member with clutter, or a property manager that needs help, we are here for you 24/7 in Denver, Colorado.


Hoarded properties in Denver, Colorado
Hoarding in Colorado