Suicide Rate in Denver, Colorado

Suicide Rate in Denver, Colorado

With COVID-19 being the worst thing ever, this has taken a toll on people’s well-being. Stress, losing jobs, housing issues, health concerns and social injustice all have a negative impact on a persons mental health. Mental Health Center of Denver, reports monthly calls and text messages to the Colorado Crisis Services hotlines are up 30% since Coronavirus in 2019. We encourage everyone to be vigilant about their own well-being and to look out for each another. We have noticed the suicide rate in Denver, Colorado is on the rise. Loss of jobs, being locked up in your home, inflation, financial issues, and housing problems have affected people in a negative way.

Colorado Veterans

Suicide among veterans set record highs last year in Colorado especially in Denver with more than one person dying by suicide every week.

Colorado’s suicide rate also is much higher than the national rate for veterans. Colorado reported 45 deaths by suicide by veterans with a population of 100,000, compared with 30 deaths nationally for 100,000 in population for 2019, the most current year for national statistics.

MHMR provides information to help with mental health and substance abuse in Denver, Colorado. There is help for anyone that is suicidal. People are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to take emergency calls. Click on this link for more information on the suicide hotline of Denver, Colorado here. 


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